Demo 2015

by Transient Cities

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released October 10, 2015

lyrics by c. briggs
music by transient cities
engineered + mixed by c. briggs
with assistance by m.rocco
mastering by landr



all rights reserved


Transient Cities Quincy, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Sweet Nassau
we’re the kings and queens of nassau county
we feel the weight of air from both sides
and the water won't stop rising
its just the changing of the tides

bridge and tunnel see us through
the gas we spend sitting in traffic
a bookend to the sleepless city
we can plan the neighborhoods
but not what happens in them

i’ve got feelings for
a place im not from
you can feel it in the air
and see that same ocean hum
Track Name: Brighton Suite
I. You Were Right...
We can't be together.
I said...
I wont be "filed under left for dead"

I carry out
situations in my head
I lead them up to the point that i dread
It's all in my head
It's all in my head

They pound the floorboards
While I try to think
I try to study
While they're "obliged" to drink

I will never get away from the distractions
I can't get away from the disdain
I try to block it out with no distraction
It comes back as if it were the refrain

I see the stars over Brighton tonight
I start to think that I just might
turn away, and forget today.

II. Crash Punks Vs. the World
where will you be in ten years
when you've lost your taste for drinking lots of cheap beer
and your wardrobes not all black
and you want your old friends back
what will you do?

what will you talk about in five years
you boast the hip bands you know and no one cares
question your maturity
which no one else can see
what will you do?

I know I wont be around
to watch this place that was my town
drown in this ambitious sea
of so called art you perpetuate
as the youth move in
a bitter few hold on

where will you go when you finish that beer
mask your insecurity so everyone can hear
what will you do
forget it because
i don't really care
Track Name: Dear Boys
this long drive north on ninety five
it couldn't have made me more alive
when I knew I couldn't take it any longer
it was you that had made me stronger

they say that only babies cry
but at that point I felt like die
while you were there by my side
I knew It had made me stronger
while you were there by my side
I knew it had made me stronger

I cried there in the passenger seat
my old life was now obsolete
I watched that crooked line ahead of us
as the cold settled in my feet

while you were there by my side,
I knew it had made me stronger
while you were there by my side,
I knew that it had made me stronger